Karen Egozi

By Karen Egozi, President and CEO, Epilepsy Alliance Florida

Do you know which state has the most instances of epilepsy in our country?
It’s the sunshine state of Florida, where more than half a million individuals, unfortunately, struggle with this not-so-sunny neurological disorder. The number drastically increases when you include the countless families and caregivers affected. 

For more than 50 years, Epilepsy Alliance Florida has continued to uphold its mission by supporting those affected by epilepsy and the challenges brought on by seizures. As proud members of Epilepsy Alliance America, we are fortunate enough to work with other affiliates like JoshProvides, which works to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy or other seizure disorders. Through our partnership, we expand resources for our case managers and clients. We’ve even successfully implemented a scholarship fund. Our funds provide financial support to assist our clients in accessing the best services or assistance possible. These services include: monitoring devices, purchasing of a seizure response dog, and covers transportation to medical appointments and testing. It even allows us to support our case managers in delivering services that meet our client’s needs. 
In honor of Purple Day on March 26, help us raise awareness of this disorder by sharing epilepsy’s footprint in Florida and how we work daily to serve our 500,000+ purple warriors across the sunshine state. 

Epilepsy’s Footprint in Florida 

• Today, 14 percent of Americans with epilepsy live in Florida.  
• This equates to more than half a million individuals who live with epilepsy across the state, with more than 80,000 of these being children.
Providing Local Care and Support to Florida’s Communities 

• Epilepsy Alliance Florida is the leading statewide source of information for those with epilepsy and their families looking for answers, support, and advice to treat best and manage the disorder.  
• We connect our clients to the help and resources they require and deserve. These resources include case management, medical services, education, psychological services, family services support, and, if eligible, medications, clinics, and diagnostic testing. 
• With offices in seven cities across Florida and an extended reach into 37 counties, Epilepsy Alliance Florida harnesses the power of local communities to provide care and support to those who need it most.  
• Every year, Epilepsy Alliance Florida holds hundreds of events nationwide to serve and support our clients. From walkathon fundraisers and regular client support events to webinars sponsoring children and families dealing with epilepsy to attend camp, our events span statewide.  
• We affect change through advocacy, most recently with the passage of the Care for Students with Epilepsy or Seizure Disorder law in Florida in 2022.
Join Us 

In support of this year’s Purple Day on March 26, join us on our YouTube page as we feature mothers of children with epilepsy from our Family Advisory Board, who will share their perspectives on raising a child with this neurological condition. I encourage you, or anyone you know who may benefit from attending, to join us by clicking HERE.  Follow us on social media for more updates by clicking HERE.
It’s our sincere honor to serve everyone in Florida’s local epilepsy communities – our purple warriors. To learn more about Epilepsy Alliance Florida and how we can help you or someone you know, please visit