Seizure Response Dogs

Seizure Response Dogs

Seizure response dogs can be wonderful service dogs for people living with epilepsy. JoshProvides does not breed or train service dogs but provides funding for seizure response training only. If properly trained, dogs can alert an individual when a seizure is occurring, lay between the floor and the person having a seizure to protect them from injury, get help and signal their owner to get into a safe position before the seizure occurs. The process of securing a seizure response dog is both long and expensive and families must do due diligence in selecting a breeder and trainer.

It is important to read this information sheet before applying for a Seizure Response Dog grant.

If you are applying for a Seizure Response Dog grant, please contact JoshProvides at 1-800-706-2740 to check on criteria, funding caps and availability.

Completed and signed applications with physician’s documentation and client photo should be emailed to or mailed to JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation, 5428 Sundew Drive, Sarasota, FL 34238.

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact us at