Josh Provides: A truly special community

By Vanessa Jones

Vanessa Jones

I have been involved in the medical industry since 1996. While technologies are improving in a number of specialties, epilepsy in particular, shows great promise. That is what led me to NeuroPace in 2015. The industry is advancing, but I learned that so much is needed for the patients in terms of social outlets and assistance.

Stigma and isolation are still very much a part of what epilepsy patients face – especially those whose seizures are not adequately controlled by medication. Many of the patients I see have had their life taken away in terms of what they knew: independence, ability to drive, and their feeling of being in control.

To further their difficulties, the path to help is not easy. If often takes years for patients to find their way into a comprehensive epilepsy center (CEC) and see a specialized epileptologist. Prior to a CEC, many drug-resistant patients have seen several different neurologists, had a battery of tests, and remain on a multitude of medications – only to still have seizures!

From an industry standpoint, there are many new technologies being tested and developed. The more we learn, the closer we are to making this disorder controllable or maybe eventually a thing of the past! The key is to never give up.

I support a number of foundations that serve the epileptic community, but JoshProvides is something special. Here the members are like a family, supporting one another and remaining optimistic toward the future. This foundation truly gives back what so many patients need: education, transportation help, assistance with service dogs, medical devices and above all – hope. These things allow patients to move forward with dignity as they gain a bit more control of their life.

Having worked with epilepsy patients for more than seven years now, I continue to be impressed with the resilience they show. I am honored to work with JoshProvides and see all the good that this organization has done. Founders Sandi and Bruce Chapnick’s vision has honored their son Josh in such a way that will help others for years to come.