From helplessness to gratefulness

By Roz Kaye, great grandmother of Braden. Andria Bilan, CEO of JoshProvides, encouraged me to submit this blog for the JoshProvides website. She thought ... continue reading

Living with Epilepsy: A Medical Perspective

Dr. Virginia Thornley, M.D., Neurologist, EpileptologistEpilepsy is a condition involving the occurrence of two or more seizures. A seizure occurs when the electrical impulses ... continue reading

Heather’s journey

BY JENNY AND HEATHERThis is the story of Heather’s journey with epilepsy. I’m her mom and am writing this with Heather at my side. Two ... continue reading

With a Little Help from our Four-Legged Friends

by SAVANNAH KNIGHT My name is Savannah, and I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 6 years old. I am now almost 11, ... continue reading


By Karen Egozi, President and CEO, Epilepsy Alliance FloridaDo you know which state has the most instances of epilepsy in our country?  It’s the sunshine ... continue reading

Epilepsy Support Group offers Hope

By Dan Noyes I was officially diagnosed with epilepsy later in life, but there were signs of epilepsy that began to show its ugly ... continue reading

My Story – Living With Epilepsy

by CAMDEN BARATZ Every day until I was 14, I lived an average life. I never felt real fear or anxiety. I was just ... continue reading

Estate Planning & Legacy Gifts

By Amanda Harper, Mom to Charlotte, a JoshProvides kidThere is a chill in the air and the smell of fresh-baked Christmas cookies is wafting ... continue reading

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There when you need us

BY ED SCHARF It’s hard to believe that November is upon us. Thanksgiving is in sight, family gatherings are back, and holiday shopping has ... continue reading

Chasing Away Epilepsy

By Melissa Signor On December 15, 2015 at about 5:30 am, our family’s lives were impacted forever. Chase had his first seizure. We didn’t ... continue reading