A Mother’s Story

By MARY FISCHER Our son, Peter, had a seizure when he was 9 years old – a shock to his family as we witnessed, ... continue reading

Josh Provides: A truly special community

By Vanessa Jones I have been involved in the medical industry since 1996. While technologies are improving in a number of specialties, epilepsy in ... continue reading

Compassion Came to Me:

By Traci Smullen To live with and love a person who suffers from epilepsy and seizures is to learn about the disease in a, ... continue reading

A legacy of help and hope for others

By Sandi Chapnick As parents, when we faced the diagnosis of epilepsy for our son, Josh, we didn’t know where to turn. My husband, Bruce, ... continue reading

Learning to live with epilepsy

For the first 16 years of my life, I had high fevers up to 106 degrees, but never had febrile seizures (fever-induced seizures). The ... continue reading

My Life with Epilepsy

By Gayle Guynup The first 16 years of my life were as normal as that of any teenager, growing up in a middle-class family ... continue reading