History, Mission and Vision

Our History

Founded by the Chapnick family in 2008 after the tragic passing of their son and brother, Joshua David Chapnick, from a fatal fall from an epileptic seizure, JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation, Inc. offers HELP & HOPE to children, families, individuals and caregivers who are living with Epilepsy or other seizure disorder.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of those living with and affected by epilepsy or other seizure disorders.

Our Vision

JoshProvides, through our network of volunteers, donors, partners, and other supporters, envisions a world where epilepsy is eradicated. Until that time, success for JoshProvides will be achieved when:

  • The negative stigma associated with epilepsy has been eliminated and those who suffer from seizures are embraced by their communities.
  • Treatment for those with epilepsy is readily available, affordable, and effective.
  • Transportation for those suffering from seizures is readily available, safe, and affordable.
  • There is a network of support and resources available for those living with epilepsy and no one with a seizure disorder feels alone or isolated.
  • People are educated and trained and can respond appropriately to help someone when they are having a seizure.

For more information contact:
JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation, Inc.
5428 Sundew Drive
Sarasota, FL 34238
(800) 706-2740