A SAMi for Sam

The Hill Family: Mark, Diane, Reid, Sam and Madeleine
The Hill Family: Mark, Diane, Reid, Sam and Madeleine

This touching letter was sent by Mark Hill (Sam’s father) and Diane Hill (Sam’s grandmother), to thank JoshProvides for a SAMi3 Monitor and Video Seizure Alert Device. Sam is 15 years old and is dealing with several types of drug-resistant seizures.

We are so very grateful for the SAMi kit you sent. What a coincidence – a SAMi for Sam! The application forms didn’t give you an opportunity to get to know our Sam. We would like to tell you more. Sam has two siblings, a 23-year-old sister, Madeleine, and an identical twin brother, Reid.  Sam and Reid will be 15 in July. Why isn’t Reid afflicted? We don’t know. Sam did have an accident a few years ago, so we think that might be the cause of his epilepsy.

Why the name Sam Hill? Both of the boys were named for their great grandfathers. Sam’s paternal great grandpa’s name was Sam Hill. He was a wonderful man. Even though we knew there might be comments about the name, we concluded if he were half the man his great grandfather was when he grew up, that would be wonderful. 

Lately we have amended that wish to hope that he will grow up.

Sam has several types of seizures.  Mayo Clinic has deemed his condition drug-resistant and life threatening. He has qualified for a Make-A-Wish grant. He loves working with clay, so they may buy him a kiln.

Sam was a straight-A student, but his education has been interrupted because of his condition. This year he was at school from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. He has lunch, science, and band.  He plays the flute. Recently his hours were increased to 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  He attends a rural school with 18 students in his class. The school has been great in accommodating Sam. The teachers even had an in-service lesson on epilepsy and what to do if Sam has an episode. Sam seems to be adjusting well to school and vice-versa.

The story of Joshua Chapnick on your website was so touching. It was mentioned that friends became scarce because of his condition. Sam is lucky to have a built-in best friend. Although Reid is watchful and concerned, their relationship is unchanged. They are normal brothers, either hugging or slugging.

The work of JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation is a wonderful tribute to Joshua and his family! The foundation keeps his memory alive and the grants to families like ours are literally life-saving! Please thank his family for us. Joshua sounds like he was a remarkable, accomplished young man. We hope that for Sam.

We love Sam so much, and you have given us hope that he can hold out for a medical breakthrough.  God bless you!

Mark Hill and Diane Hill

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