JoshProvides directs its charitable spending in the following areas:

Support Groups

Support groups are an excellent resource for people living with epilepsy as well as their family, friends, and caregivers. Members of the group can share their experiences, ask questions, offer each other moral support and emotional comfort, and give practical advice that may help parents and caregivers along their journey. For those who have epilepsy, feelings of loneliness and isolation have been replaced with lifelong friendships and understanding that there are others going through the same struggles and challenges. Support groups can be an uplifting experience and a tremendous resource for support, referrals, and information.


JoshProvides has a volunteer speaker’s bureau. Depending on your location, we can offer presentations at schools, churches, clubs and associations, and the workplace to help people learn more about epilepsy or how to care for someone if a seizure should occur.

Seizure Response Dog Program

Not only will they become a best friend, but they just might save the life of their owner. Dogs can be trained to alert someone when a seizure is occurring, lay between the floor and the person having a seizure to protect them from injury, get help, and some can even be trained to detect a seizure before it begins and alert someone else or signal their owner to get into a safe position. Learn more…


Everyone has a place they need to be at some time – school, work, the grocery, a doctor’s appointment, a social activity and much more. For those with epilepsy, driving may not be an option. For some, the cost of alternative methods of transportation is beyond their financial reach. Learn more…

Seizure Alert Monitors

Epilepsy and seizures affect nearly 3 million people in the United States. As common as breast cancer and responsible for as many deaths, epilepsy can be a devastating condition for many individuals and their families. Seizure alert monitors can assist in detecting a seizure is occurring and issue an alert to parents, friends, or caregivers. Learn more…

Medical Services

There may be times assistance is needed to pay for medical treatment or other care recommended by a patient’s physician.

This is what we do and why we are here. JoshProvides is able to fund these priorities as a result of funds raised from donations and special events. Join us in our effort to bring awareness to epilepsy by supporting our fundraising events.