“Josh was always the “go-to” guy when it came to helping friends with advice and their problems.  “Chappy”  was always the solid foundation we needed at our time of need.  While Chappy is not here in person, we know that the JP Fund is a wonderful tribute to his ever lasting legacy as the “go-to” guy, as he continues to help others in there time of need….”
Brandon Kuzma
Josh’s friend
“I can’t imagine the grief the Chapnick family has endured but I know they find great comfort and strength in providing for others in memory of Josh.  I am thankful for them and thankful they selected Mission Healthcare Foundation as the nonprofit foundation to house Josh’s Fund.”
Debbie C. Sprouse
Director of Development, Mission Healthcare Foundation
“Josh was the epitome of a true friend.  Anyone lucky enough to have known him knows there is nothing he would not do for a friend.  Now, even in spirit, Josh is lending a helping hand to others living with epilepsy through the JP Fund.  As a pharmacist, I understand the importance of educating the public about epilepsy.  Raising social awareness is just one of the things that Sandi, Bruce, and Nicole are doing via the JP Fund, in addition to memorializing an astonishing guy.”
Lauren Topolosky
Josh’s friend