I was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 2 and I am now 24. Although I have tried many medications and surgery we have never been able to fully control my seizures. Where my seizures are coming from is so deep in my brain that all the doctors and EEGs I have done have never been able to locate the focal point of the seizures. I started going to a new doctor in 2011 at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL. After an EEG evaluation my doctor told me that I needed to go up to Ohio where they have better testing that they don’t have in Florida. I was excited about the potential to really get some answers and have more treatment options. I had to fight with my insurance company for over a year to go out of state and then finally decided to change insurance so that we would be able to go to Ohio and have the treatment covered. In March 2014 I finally made it to Ohio. On this 8 day trip I received a surgical evaluation that included a four night stay at the hospital where I had an EEG, MEG scan, and Ictal pect test done. Although this helped them find more information about where my seizures were coming from they still could not fully identify the area where my seizures were coming from but they did narrow it down to three places they thought the focal point was. The doctors said that in order for them to know the exact focal point they would need me to have what is called in depth electrodes or SEEG surgery. I was really excited to go forward and have the surgery! I would hopefully get some answers about if I was a surgical candidate and where my seizures were coming from by placing the electrodes in my brain instead of on my head to catch seizure activity. This surgery they only do in Ohio so I would need to fly back in June in order to have the surgery. Traveling to Ohio was very expensive with the cost of the flight, food, lodging, etc. Our medical bills were also piling up and with all these thousands of dollars we simply didn’t have the money for my mom and I to travel back in June for the surgery. I told this to my doctor and he told me about JoshProvides. When I called JoshProvides, Bruce was so nice and told me about the process to apply. I sent my application in and few days later they called and told me that they were going to pay for our plane tickets! Now I would be able to go back to Ohio to have the surgery! This meant more to me than I can express in words. JoshProvides gave me the opportunity to find answers that no one had been able to give me. My SEEG surgery went well and they were able to catch seizures and find the exact focal point where each of my seizures were coming from! They did a few different tests also to find out if there was functioning in that area. The doctors came back and had the best news I could have hoped for! They are able to take out the piece of my brain where the seizures are coming from!!! The doctors are very hopeful I will be seizure free after the surgery in August! Without JoshProvides I would never have been able to find out this life changing news! I am forever thankful for the assistance JoshProvides gave to me. They truly made a big impact on my journey to become seizure free and I am so inspired by their amazing story and how they are changing the lives people with epilepsy every day!
JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation represents what is needed for assistance to so many with epilepsy and seizure conditions, particularly when they need it most. They have helped to soften the transportation issues I’ve experienced due to my recent seizure episode, and I am most grateful. I’m hopeful that, through Josh Provides generosity, others will be inspired to provide assistance to others with epilepsy and seizure conditions. Moreover, I trust that many will be motivated to support this Foundation as they continually offer different ways of assisting those in need.
Hello, Thank You very much for such incredible and amazing support. It took only 24 hrs from the day I had expressed our family need for the Emfit seizure monitor and Your approval. I do not remember having such a fast processing time anywhere else in our past. Our hope that one day our family will be able to bring more peace and assurance for others like You did for us. Our son Edward was one of the twins. They were born at full term and had no complications of any kind. They had breast milk until 18 month old. Edward was very healthy and strong boy. His favorite thing was to lift an item bigger than himself and carry around. He was very interesting in books. He was eating in 10 minutes the same amount our 4 years toddler in half an hour. 99 percent of noise in our house was coming from him. On January 6th of 2014 at around 4 am in the morning life for our family had stopped. Edward's brain was effected by para Influenza 1 virus. I waked up to a very quite sound coming from Edward”s bed-he was having seizure. We do not know for how long he was seizing. Due to heavy snow, it took about 25 minutes for the emergency to arrive. Edward was having seizure all this time. He was not getting any oxygen. Edward was for a week on life support and suffered brain trauma. Edward diagnosed with: seizure disorder, cortical vision impairment. We spent 5 weeks in a hospital. Today, after many prayers Edward is slowly coming back. Doctors said that he will never walk unless he use special equipment. However, his motors skills come back almost 100 percent. He is number one in eating again and we believe his vision is coming back too. We are christian and we do believe for his 100 percent healing because Edward is God’s property. Thank You very much for helping with seizure monitor device because we can not afford the price. I wish every child that has been diagnosed with seizure disorder would have such device. This device can be a child's life saving.
Alena & Edward
Thank you JoshProvides for giving our family peace of mind.  Our daughter Amanda was diagnosed with epilepsy two years ago, when she was eleven.  Just as she was gaining some independence, it had to be taken away.  She has slept with a baby monitor in her room, has had me constantly checking on her when she is in the bathroom, and has not been able to even go outside and shoot hoops without feeling that I am watching her.  It has been heartbreaking to hear her say she feels like she is being punished for having seizures, since she is not able to have the same independence that her friends have.  Since Josh Provides gifted her with the Smart Watch Monitor, she has been thriving in the independence and privacy we are able to give her.  Thank you so much for giving her this life saving gift, and for giving us, her parents, peace of mind and relief from the constant anxiety we have felt for the last two years.  Words cannot express how much your gift is appreciated.
Amanda B Picture 12-18-2013
Kirk, Michele, and Amanda
I would like to thank JoshProvides for giving me a SmartWatch Monitor.  I am 13, and was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 11.  It was really difficult watching my friends do things together like going to the movies or mall, knowing that the only way I could go with them was if one of my parents went too.  Now that I have the SmartWatch, my parents have been letting me have a little more freedom.  Just yesterday they let me walk around the fair with my friends, and didn’t feel like they had to follow me.  I can’t that you enough.  I am finally starting to feel like a normal kid again!
Amanda B Picture 12-18-2013
Daniel is a sweet, handsome, non-verbal 19 year old young man with autism. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, he also suffers with life threatening seizures. Daniel is also our son. We have learned through our trials with Daniel that autism is nowhere near the hardest thing to deal with on a daily basis. It can't kill him. The seizures can. Seizures are the number one killer of people with autism. It's not unusual for Daniel to stop breathing after a seizure so the fear of losing him because he has had a seizure in the middle of the night is very real. We have a seizure monitor on his bed but it has limited use with a person who doesn't always have full body convulsions, and who often moves to or falls asleep on the floor. The anxiety created by not being able to watch him every minute was unmeasurable. And because he is non-verbal, he can't tell us when he feels a seizure coming on. A seizure dog seemed like the perfect answer. Cassy has alerted to his seizures and we have learned she doesn't even need to follow him around every second in order to do that. Daniel moves around non-stop when he's not sleeping and that quickly wears Cassy out! And for those possible night time seizures, Cassy sleeps in Daniel’s room every night. Seizure dogs are not cheap and we are forever grateful to foundations like Josh Provides who came to our rescue after we had tapped out all our generous family members, good friends and co-workers.  With the addition of Cassy the seizure dog to our household, the anxiety level has decreased to a much more bearable amount. Thank you so much Josh Provides.
Daniel Litchman & Cassy jpg
Kim and Mike
I would like to thank JoshProvides in helping me acquire my medication when no one else could. I was diagnosed with epilepsy at eight years old. When I got to be in my late teens I came across a medication that can control it although it's very expensive. Recently I came under a circumstance where I was running out of my medication and it couldn't be gotten to me soon enough by my supplier and I came across Josh Provides and they were the only one that I could find that could aid me getting my medication. Without JoshProvides, it would have been a very severe circumstance for myself. I am eternally grateful to JoshProvides. If there is anything I can ever do for JoshProvides, please don't hesitate to call. Thank you so much.
John Jorgensen jpg 2-28-2014
The service that I received from JoshProvides and Christine of EMFIT was exceptional and I’m very grateful that I was referred to your organization. I finally was able to speak with someone who really cared and was concerned in helping me with my desperation in finding a solution.  Thank you for all the care and devotion and quick response from your organization. It has provided my family and I with a sense of relief. Respectfully,
Adrien Flores JPEG Picture  1-28-2014
Tiffany has had epilepsy since she was 6 years old. Her seizures have gotten worse the last 2 years. She has had a VNS implanted recently. Tiffany is a very vibrant and strong willed teenager. We have started the process of obtaining a seizure response dog. She has chosen the name Element as he will be a key element in her battle with Epilepsy. And give her mom reassurance that she has a furry loving service dog to assist her. Josh Provides has so graciously assisted with help from a grant to help us bring Element home once he is trained. Thank you so much for your help. We will never forget it. Tiffany Arends Dog Element
Tiffany Arends jpeg picture
Teresa and Tiffany
My son, Collin was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 4.  He was controlled by medication until age 11, he is now 14 and uncontrolled.  At age 12 he had a severe (almost fatal) reaction to seizure medications.  He went into acute respiratory distress and was in ICU for 2 weeks and total hospitalization plus rehab for 3 months.  He had VNS surgery before we went to rehab. Unfortunately nothing helped the seizures.  They were small but he had several a day.  He was only on 1 seizure med (Topamax) and valium to help control his seizures.  We tried ketogenic diet and MAD diet and he is currently on a restricted diet.  Recently (December 2013) his seizures got worse and he started having tonic clonic seizures and drop seizures.  The doctors just wanted to increase valium which was not helping.  I found JoshProvides web site and sent in our story and frustration.  Bruce Chapnick contacted me and told me about the next support group meeting sponsored by JoshProvides. I was excited and looking forward to meeting other parents and Collin meeting other teens that are in our situation.  Collin is an amazing young man.  He always has a smile and a huge heart.  He has been to so many hospitals and ambulances and he doesn't let that get him down.  After he has a seizure, he will tell us not to worry. We are trying to learn from him and follow his resilience. Cleveland Clinic On Jan 9th Collin had a bad seizure at his after school program and fell on his face. He broke two teeth and needed a root canal and composite tooth. This was very scary because now he was getting hurt and we were lucky that he didn't fall and hit his head.  I remember feeling frustrated and completely hopeless.  That evening I emailed Bruce and he contacted me right away offering support and would look to see if we could get into the Cleveland Clinic.  Then on Jan 28th, my birthday, Bruce called me and told me he got us into the Cleveland Clinic and JoshProvides was  going to pay for the transportation.  I was sooo excited.  We finally had hope to get answers for Collin.  I feel confident that they will have answers and help for Collin.  I put together all the records and sent to the Cleveland Clinic.  They contacted me in less than a week and already had a plan for Collin.  We are going there 3/3/14-3/8/14. I am impressed with their knowledge of Collin already and they haven't even met him.  I am so thankful for JoshProvides getting us connected with the Cleveland Clinic and providing the opportunity for us to be seen there.  This was the best birthday present ever. Emfit Monitor Feb 2014, Collin started having nocturnal seizures. This was scary, so now I had to sleep with Collin and worry constantly.  I wasn't sleeping well and this was affecting me negatively.  I expressed this concern at the February support group meeting. Bruce advised me to look on the JoshProvides website for links to seizure monitoring devices and to complete an application for financial assistance to get a monitor.  I completed the application and in less than 1 week the bed monitor arrived.  It was easy to set up and test.  I now have my sleep back.  I can rest knowing that I will be alerted in the event Collin has a seizure in his sleep.  In 1 month, JoshProvides has given our family our life back by reducing anxiety, given us hope and so much support.  We don't feel isolated or alone. Thank you
Collin Robinson jpegDec 2013
Laura and Collin