I can't begin to thank the Josh Provides family enough for the peace of mind they have made possible for me. My son was born in July, 2013. After a healthy pregnancy and full term delivery, the doctors found tumors in his heart. He was transferred to the NICU where he had an MRI that revealed tubers in his brain and ultimately diagnosed him with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. TSC is a genetic disease that causes benign tumors to grow on all the major organs. It is strongly associated with a particularly severe type of seizure, called Infantile Spasms. As we were told to expect, one week before Owen turned 6 months, he had his first Infantile Spasms. My heart broke. Today, we are at 1 year seizure free on his medications, a status I was too fearful to hope for. With that joy comes the knowledge that he will likely soon be weaned from the medication, and the absolute fear that he will develop new seizures. I have been looking for months for a seizure detection device that will work for my son. He has never had a tonic clonic, so many of the existing monitors will not help us. Because of the new technology, there is a new watch coming out that continually monitors biofeedback rhythms and sends alerts at changes. Josh Provides approved us for the purchase of two watches, allowing me to have immediate notice of any seizure activity. There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel for this generous gift.
Owen Gorham Picture
We are writing to share what a positive and life changing experience we have had with JoshProvides. Our 12 year old, Mickey, who has multiple seizure types and global developmental delays, does not have seizures that are controlled by medications. Even after trying over 10 different types! He has also tried a modified Atkins diet for over a year with no success and failed to be a surgery candidate. As a family we have been woken up in the middle of the night to find him having a seizure that requires emergency medication to stop it. As you can imagine, the lack of sleep we experience is an added stress and makes for a poor quality of life when seizures tend to cluster over several days. The fear and anxiety we feel regarding his safety at night is unexplainable. We had searched for sometime to find a seizure detection device that might help us to be alert when he needs us. The Emfit was a great choice but was very expensive. After trying for a year to get our insurance to fund it, with no success, we heard about JoshProvides. Within one week we had an approval and the equipment was sent out right away. We are so thankful to finally have a safe and truly restful nights sleep!
Michael Picture
Kelli and Mickey
You have truly Blessed our family in a way that no one could possibly understand. Kyler was born with Preventricular Nodular heterotpia and as a result developed Epilepsy and Autism. Every 5 days Kyler goes status epilepticus, and every day he has numerous absence and drop attack seizures. We have faced injury many times from seizures because we couldnt break his fall or help him quick enough. With the help of Josh Provides we are able to get Kyler a Service Dog who he calls his "Superhero Doggie" and we are all so excited to bring him home. Kyler has faced seizures during school and on the school bus with his Superhero Doggie he will have someone right there by his side to give off warning and help quicker than his teachers and bus driver can, and he will have the comforting friend by his side through it all. We can never thank you enough for all you have done for us, or for all the support you have given us. We are looking forward to writing you again once we get Copper the Superhero Doggie home.
Dear Bruce and the rest of the staff from JoshProvides. I am a seventeen year old boy from Florida living with epilepsy for the last six years. We thank you for the generous grant that you have provided to me and my family in our travels to The Cleveland Clinic at the end of the summer of 2014. The financial support afforded along with your connections with The Cleveland Clinic gave me the opportunity to have an evaluation from a 7 TESLA MRI scanner, one of the most powerful machines available. The information we received through your grant has been invaluable to my family and me.
Bruce, Words cannot express my gratitude for the financial assistance that was given to me by the Josh Provides foundation for an EMFIT seizure monitor for my daughter Victoria (age 6). Out of all the foundations I reached out to, Josh Provides is the only one that responded to my outcry for help! Since receiving the monitor, Victoria has been sleeping in her on room at night and has gained a new lease on her independence (she tells me she's a "big girl now")!  The accuracy of the monitor is impeccable! Since Victoria began having seizures at age 2, this is the is the first time she's slept apart from me in our house and I can rest at ease now knowing that I will be alerted when she has a seizure. This monitor and your foundation have been a "MIRACLE" to my family, and I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!
Dear Bruce and All at JoshProvides No words can say it all. But “THANK-YOU”. I have been sleeping in my room again. The EMFIT Monitor has gone off and David was having a seizure and I got to him. To myself, I say “Thank-you” every time. I just wanted to write and thank-you again for your “gift”. My family thanks you also. Take care. All the best.
Rebecca and David
We are so grateful to Josh Provides. Without your help, things would be much harder for us. When Leo was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms we did not know how we would manage.  On top of his seizures, we had to figure out how to borrow money to get to hospital appointments.  We are so lucky you helped us.  By covering supplies for the ketogenic diet and giving us gas cards for transportation, you have relieved A LOT of stress on our family.  A difficult situation would have been a whole lot worse if it weren’t for you.  Whoever came up with the idea for this foundation,
God bless them!
Leo’s Family
We recently contacted JoshProvides in hopes of acquiring assistance in purchasing an Emfit seizure monitor for our almost two year old daughter, Rachel, and were both thrilled and relieved when we heard the good news! Thanks to the generosity of JoshProvides, we will undoubtedly enjoy a better night’s sleep knowing that Rachel is being monitored and that we will be alerted if need be. Thank you for the comfort, support, and hope you provide for individuals and families who are affected by epilepsy. You are a blessing to many and we are eternally grateful for the gift you have given us. With thanks,
Katie, Mike, and Rachel
We can't thank everyone at JoshProvides enough for the help with getting an Emfit seizure monitor for our son Wyatt. Wyatt started having infantile spasms and then complex partial seizures. He was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis and epilepsy. Sleep is his main trigger and he wakes up constantly throughout the night. This is going to help us relax a little at night and be able to be alerted when we need to be. Right now I stay up late watching Wyatt to make sure I catch whatever seizures I can and to help calm him down. Our hearts go out to everyone who deals and has dealt with epilepsy. Thank you so much again!!  
Kelsey, Justin, JJ and Wyatt!
Thank you so much for all your help. I can't wait to get the EMFIT Monitor set up and try to get Ben in his crib and sleeping a little more safely. I can't believe how quick this happened. What a blessing. I can't think you all enough. We are off in the morning for Ben's brain MRI, they are going to put him to sleep, and then we also have to go back in the hospital for a two day VEEG, so knowing we are going to get home with some added comfort while he sleeps is such a relief
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