Working with Josh Provides was helpful, amazing and the easiest part of my journey to getting my Service Dog, Hugo.  They responded quickly when my Mom emailed them at first and I was so excited when I found out shortly after they were going to help fund the final expenses of training Hugo.  I will be a junior in High School this coming school year and Hugo will attend school with me.  This will be the first year for me taking a Service Dog to school.  Having Hugo means more freedom and makes me feel like I can trust Hugo when I can’t trust my body. I have had Epilepsy my whole life.  Independence, freedom, safety and happiness all things that Hugo brings to my life and Josh Provides helped make it possible for Hugo to get the training he needed.  I can never thank them enough.  Hugo has changed my life so much.  Thank you Josh Provides for being a part of that!
I wanted to thank you for your generous donation of a SAMi monitoring system for my son, Ben.  I have been using a baby monitor for years, and because of it I have had very few restful nights sleep.  The SAMi is such a superior product I couldn't imagine ever going back to the old ways!  Ben likes that he is not being constantly on "camera" which provides him some privacy, especially now that he is a preteen. Being a solo mum of two special needs kids has its challenges. I can't thank you enough for helping our family provide an extra layer of safety for Ben.  I am truly thankful for your kindness and generosity!!! With love and blessings, Lynne, Sophia and Ben
Ben Hillard SAMi
Joshprovides has been the light at the end of a dark tunnel. I had searched for many months and long hour, looking for funding trying to get my son a much needed service dog. My son suffers from a seizure disorder and brain damage from birth. Due to the increasing severity of his disability I was no longer able to work and trying to support our seven children on now one income. Four of our children have different disabilities. Getting what our son needed was beyond our reach until we came across Joshprovides. Joshprovides have been very helpful and understanding. We feel like we have been given back hope again.
Lillianna was diagnosed with epilepsy as an infant, fortunately we were able to control them with a low dose of medication (trileptal).  However, in the past three months she has begun to have clonic tonic seizures while she is sleeping and focal seizures throughout the day.  I am currently working with her doctors to try to get them subdued; we have increased her trileptal to the maximum dose; however, she is still having focal seizures everyday.  Lillianna's epilepsy is due to her diagnosis of having a duplicated chromosome that cause epilepsy among many other things. As her mother, I am in great fear that she will keep continue to have tonic clonic seizures throughout the night and I will not hear her.  After reading the testimonies of many people who have found great comfort and confidence with the Emfit monitor; I feel that this would be extremely helpful and could possibly save her life.  Unfortunately,  I do not have the income or financial resources to afford this monitor.  When I applied for assistance through, I did not expect such a quick response.  The sense of urgency and compassion was overwhelmingly joyful, just to say the least.  I am forever grateful for your assistance! Thank you, Samantha, Andrew, & Lillianna
Hello, I am extremely grateful to The Josh Provides Foundation for supporting my daughter Shanon. Shanon was two and 112 half when she was diagnosed with Autism. She has always worked hard to do what came easier for others such as learning to talk, read and tie her shoes. At the age of 11 112 Shanon was diagnosed with a seizure disorders and was placed on Trileptal. The Trileptal worked well, but it had disabling side effects. Shanon would suffer from slurred speech, dizziness and inability to walk when initially taking her medication. The side effects would last up to an hour or more and she was unable to function until the effects passed. I was forced to give her the medication right before bed and then again at 4:30 am so that she would sleep through the side effects of taking the Trileptal. However, even with that on some days, she awoke dizzy and sluggish. Plus, giving her the medication so early also allowed for break through seizure activity in the evening. After a year of trying to balance dosages and manage the side effects, her neurologist provided us with samples of Oxtellar XR (the extended version of Trileptal). Oxtellar XR eliminated the side effects and she no longer experienced seizures into the late afternoon. The neurologist acquisitioned our insurance company. The insurance company stated they would cover the Oxtellar XR, but we had to meet a $1 500 deductible first and the Oxtellar XR cost $1295.00 for one month supply. We prayed for help and our prayers were answered by The Josh Provides Foundation. They were able to provide support, so Shanon could get her first month supply of Oxtellar XR which helped us nearly meet are deductible. They made it possible for Shanon to get the appropriate medication to treat her seizure disorder and improved her quality of life.
Shanon Rhodenbech Picture
I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the effort and support you provided for me and my service dog Keegan. In 2008 I was diagnosed with Juvenile Myclonic Epilepsy and it was a huge life style change. Dealing with this disorder made me realize how much of a burden it can become on others to always feel the need to “take care” of me, so to speak. I grew up living a very independent life where I’d rather do things myself instead of having to depend on others. Especially being in college, depending on other people can be tricky and I never knew whose hands I could be putting my life in. After having multiple seizures a day while in my dorm leading to an enormous amount of concussions which effected my study routine, I realized I needed something else other than having someone check up on me every hour or sleep over in my room. So I decided to invest in a service dog. Being a college student, funds were always very tight even while working 2 jobs. But I realized that this dog can potentially save my life and being in a financial pinch will be worth it in the end. After signing up with the trainer to receive Keegan, someone had recommended I get in contact with JoshProvides to help elevate some of the financial burden. I reached out to Mr.Chapnick and he was SO helpful and very responsive to any questions I had regarding the grant process. After submitting my application, it was within 24 hours I had been approved and I broke down in tears. I was stressing so much over the cost of Keegan that I wasn’t fully taking care of myself and worrying so much about how I’m going to get by each month with my bills. JoshProvides gave me a huge sense of relief and so great to work with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me and the rest of the epilepsy community. I can finally feel at peace with an awesome dog that can save my life.
Dear Mr. Chapnick & JoshProvides, Thank you so much for the grant to help us pay for our new seizure response dog, Goldie, for our daughter, Helen. Goldie is already changing our lives for the better. Thank you for all the tremendous work you do to help our epilepsy community.  I admire your strength and dedication.
Helen Heuer Picture
Amy, Helen, Chris, Ben & Goldie
I cannot begin to thank JoshProvides for the peace of mind the SAMi-3 monitor will provide to me in monitoring my daughter’s night seizures.  My daughter Sydney has both Epilepsy and Sensory Processing Disorder.  The aspect of “missing” a seizure is a daily stressor for me, and being a widow who has two jobs, the cost of the monitor was a bit limiting.  JoshProvides came through and gave me the peace of mind that I so badly needed.  The thought that I would miss a seizure during the night, and have it cause an adverse effect for my child is an emotionally crippling scenario.  I am so grateful to Bruce Chapnick with JoshProvides and Cynthia Anderson at HiPass Design, LLC for the speed in which my request was processed.  Sydney was approved for the SAMi-3 monitor within two weeks and everyone I have dealt with has been amazing, and kept me informed throughout the process. Thank you again for all that you do for those fighting Epilepsy,
Jennifer (Sydney’s Mom)
Dear Josh Provides: On behalf of our son Tyler, we wish to thank you for the SAMI 3 standard kit epilepsy monitoring unit. It was very generous of your organization, and we plan on using it to capture some of his seizures. This will be a big help so his doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia be able to see his seizures. Your organization does wonderful work, and if there is anything we can do to help you in the future, please let us know. Thank you,
Matthew, April & Tyler
Jackson was born on June 4, 2014 with a port wine stain on the left side of his face. Only 1 in 5 thousand babies are born with the stain on their face and 1 in 30 thousand have the full syndrome. The full syndrome (Sturge-Weber) causes seizures, neurological damage and glaucoma. When Jackson was 2 months old he had a trabeculotomy surgery to try and release the pressure in his left eye. The surgery worked for 3 months before they had to go back in to place a Ahmed Shunt in his left eye due to his glaucoma and pressure increasing. Jackson is now wearing glasses and his eye seems to be doing much better. Jackson is also having laser treatments to lighten the port wine stain. At 3 months of age Jackson had an EEG and MRI and everything came back fine. Recently, we visited a neurologist in Baltimore at the Kennedy Krieger Institute who ordered Jackson's 2nd EEG. The EEG showed low brain activity on the left side which makes Jackson a candidate for seizures. The neurologist prescribed medication for Jackson if he were to have a seizure longer than 3 minutes. Jackson's next scan is an MRI, MRV and MRA to determine how much of the brain that has been affected and exactly what part.
Due to Jackson's medical condition and the many doctor visits in and out of town, I had to quit work to stay home with him. With me being at home with Jackson everyday it is easy during the day for me to detect a seizure. The problem comes during the night when we have no way to know if he is having a seizure or not. The neurologist recommended an EMFIT monitor, but insurance did not cover it. Jackson's doctor and nurses in Baltimore suggested we contact JoshProvides to see if they could provide us with a monitor. After contacting Mr. Chapnick, within 2 weeks we had an approval for the monitor. The monitor was shipped out and we received it within 2 days. Mr. Chapnick and his team have been a wonderful group of people to work with. They have provided us with a great piece of mind in monitoring Jackson's sleeping at night. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family to make our situation easier to deal with.
Jackson Kyser Family
Ashley, Jason and Jackson