Independence. Self-esteem. Confidence. Pride. Freedom. These are feelings everyone wants to have. We rely on our car to get us to work, home, shopping, appointments…every activity we can squeeze into our life. But epilepsy is unpredictable. It is not on a schedule and seizures do not wait until someone is out from behind the wheel of a car.

The impact is significant when someone with epilepsy loses their driving privileges. However, to mitigate the chances of an accident or injury caused by someone who is having a seizure, there are guidelines that must be followed. In each state, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) must be notified when someone is diagnosed with epilepsy. Each state has its own guidelines as to how this will be reported and when those who have seizures will be permitted to drive. There is generally a waiting period required between seizures. To understand the laws in your state, click on the button below.

The financial impact of transportation options can be difficult for individuals and families. There may be resources available to you in your community. If it is not safe for you to ride a bicycle, wait alone at a bus stop, etc., there may be paratransit services available. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires most public transit systems to offer special services for those individuals with a disability that prevents them from utilizing mainline transportation services. Check with your county to see if paratransit services are available where you live. You can also call your local United Way and ask for a list of referral sources for transportation. The United Way may also know of financial resources that can help subsidize the cost of transportation for you. You can reach the United Way by calling 2-1-1. This is a free and confidential service throughout the United States that helps people find local resources.

JoshProvides understands the importance transportation plays in our daily lives. If there is not an affordable transportation solution that fits within your budget, JoshProvides may be grant funds available to help those with epilepsy get to their neurology appointment, work, or school. Visit the “Apply for Assistance” page to download an application. You will need to include specific details such as where/why you need to go, what mode of transportation you would like to take, the transportation vendor’s contact information, the number of trips you need, and the cost per trip. If your application is approved, JoshProvides will make payment directly to the vendor.