Jackson was born on June 4, 2014 with a port wine stain on the left side of his face. Only 1 in 5 thousand babies are born with the stain on their face and 1 in 30 thousand have the full syndrome. The full syndrome (Sturge-Weber) causes seizures, neurological damage and glaucoma. When Jackson was 2 months old he had a trabeculotomy surgery to try and release the pressure in his left eye. The surgery worked for 3 months before they had to go back in to place a Ahmed Shunt in his left eye due to his glaucoma and pressure increasing. Jackson is now wearing glasses and his eye seems to be doing much better. Jackson is also having laser treatments to lighten the port wine stain. At 3 months of age Jackson had an EEG and MRI and everything came back fine. Recently, we visited a neurologist in Baltimore at the Kennedy Krieger Institute who ordered Jackson's 2nd EEG. The EEG showed low brain activity on the left side which makes Jackson a candidate for seizures. The neurologist prescribed medication for Jackson if he were to have a seizure longer than 3 minutes. Jackson's next scan is an MRI, MRV and MRA to determine how much of the brain that has been affected and exactly what part.
Due to Jackson's medical condition and the many doctor visits in and out of town, I had to quit work to stay home with him. With me being at home with Jackson everyday it is easy during the day for me to detect a seizure. The problem comes during the night when we have no way to know if he is having a seizure or not. The neurologist recommended an EMFIT monitor, but insurance did not cover it. Jackson's doctor and nurses in Baltimore suggested we contact JoshProvides to see if they could provide us with a monitor. After contacting Mr. Chapnick, within 2 weeks we had an approval for the monitor. The monitor was shipped out and we received it within 2 days. Mr. Chapnick and his team have been a wonderful group of people to work with. They have provided us with a great piece of mind in monitoring Jackson's sleeping at night. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family to make our situation easier to deal with.
Jackson Kyser Family
Ashley, Jason and Jackson
As brothers, we can never forget the importance and strength that family has. The work and message that Josh's family carries on in his name is incredibly admirable.  We are moved by Josh's story and are proud to support such an amazing Foundation. For more about the brothers visit: BoyceAvenue.com
Boyce Avenue
My family and I are waiting to receive the EMFIT monitor that your Foundation helped provide for my Neveah. Throughout her ups and downs Neveah is a happy little girl with autism and  fighting her seizures since the age of 3 years old. Sometimes our nights would turn into morning because I am so afraid to go to sleep, sometimes I catch myself jumping out of my bed running into her room because I fell asleep in my room . I never thought after hearing about the EMFIT Monitor that we would have the opportunity and privilege to have one for her. But thanks to your Foundation, you're making a difference in the life of those affected  by seizure disorders. Your generosity of donations will give hope and a little piece of mind to those families like mine.  Also the process has been easy and stress free.  I thank you so much as we are all very grateful to be a part of JoshProvides Foundation. Joselyn ( Mom) Pedro (Dad). Pedro (brother). Jonas.(little brother) and Neveah  from our family, we say THANK YOU so much,  this is a blessing  
Neveah Figueroa Lopez Picture
"As a person who made a career playing and coaching baseball, I worked as part of a team. My teammates and the players I coached worked together toward a common goal. It's not all that different from being a member of a family, and for the past 18 years, dealing with epilepsy has been part of our family's life. Our grandson, Joseph, has suffered from epileptic seizures his whole life. Developing a game plan and a strategy to deal with the seizures has been a challenge for Joseph and our family, and our daughter, Liane, has attempted to provide as much support and care as possible. When she introduced our family to JoshProvides and the JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation, we were very impressed with the story of the Chapnick family and their resolution to assist families in similar situations. It feels like those of us attempting to help our loved ones live better lives with epilepsy have gained a terrific teammate. Please offer assistance to JoshProvides (www.joshprovides.org) as you are able, as I am sure there are many families who will benefit from your generosity”.
Joe Nossek Picture
Joe Nossek
“Josh Chapnick resides in a very special place within my heart and when the Chapnick family reached out to me to become a National Endorser of the Joshua David Chapnick Seizure & Disorder Fund, I was honored. The connection I have with Josh, as with his wonderful family, has been forged not solely from his loss to us but really from how impressed I was with Josh as an artisan of the Culinary field, truly to the courage and dedication he brought to his craft in spite of a condition that would arrest others from there dreams – however, not Chappy.  Josh rarely spoke of his condition.  It was not his master as he set his own stride within life and followed the quiet courage he commanded in light of this challenge that has inspired and will inspire me the length of my days. Like many people, I had very little awareness of the effects of seizure disorders and epilepsy on the individual or the families they are part. As I learned more about the millions of people who are affected by this disorder and the costs both medical and personal of combating and living with this disorder, I found the understanding that more must be done. The JP Fund is a expression of the same hope Josh brought to his life and the lives of others as 100% of all donations go directly toward medications, transportation, and vital medical services designed to enhance those individuals lives. So please join Josh, the Chapnick Family and all of us in supporting the JP Fund with a contribution toward its mission through this website and let us all find our courage to continue this fight – together! Thank you for your kind support.”
Chef Robert Mitchell – Executive Chef & Partner Seasons 52
“How thrilled I was to be asked to join the Chapnick Family in the promotion of the JP Fund. Like most of us, I knew very little about epilepsy. Epilepsy in America is as common as breast cancer and takes as many lives. Melody and I were attracted to supporting the JP Fund because 100% of every dollar contributed is allotted to a restricted fund to support those with epilepsy and seizures to defray their medical services, medication and transportation expenses. As an example, Josh would spend almost $200 per day in transportation expenses following a seizure. Please join us in supporting the JP Fund in its mission by making a donation today”.
Coach Lamont
“Until my good friend, Chuck Such of Sarasota, Florida brought to my attention the life of Josh Chapnick, I knew very little about epilepsy. Josh’s story is tragic and I implore you to read “Josh’s Story” on this website. Unlike most other funds, the JP Fund’s sole mission is to help people with epilepsy and seizure disorders cope with the cost of medical services, medication and transportation expenses. When you consider that epilepsy and seizures affect almost 3 million Americans of all ages at an estimated annual cost of $15.5 billion in direct and indirect cost, we have to help. Please join me in supporting the JP Fund by making a contribution to it through this website”.
Coach Schottenheimer
“Daphne and I have had a very good life. You never know what curve ball life can throw you. A couple of days ago, our good friend, Chuck Such, introduced us to the Chapnick Family and what they have endured with the tragic loss of their son, Josh, due to a fatal seizure. No different than most people, we knew very little about epilepsy. Daphne and I embraced Josh’s struggle with epilepsy and his family’s establishment of the Joshua David Chapnick Epilepsy & Seizure Disorder Fund in Josh’s memory. We have extended our support because of the financial assistance the JP Fund is providing to families enduring the same challenges Josh faced. The JP Fund is very attractive because 100% of all contributions are allotted to the fund to provide financial assistance to epilepsy patients to pay for some or all of their medical services, prescription medication and transportation expenses. Please join us in supporting the JP Fund in its mission by making a donation today and reading this wonderful website to see who it has benefited and also how you can help”.
Jim Perry
Epilepsy Foundation of Florida is proud to support the Joshua David Chapnick Epilepsy & Seizure Disorder Fund in its provision of financial assistance to epilepsy patients for their medical services, prescription medication and transportation expenses.  Epilepsy Foundation of Florida is the statewide organization leading the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome challenges created by epilepsy.  The Foundation offers a wide range of medical and support services, including a summer camp and other youth programs.
Karen Egozi, Chief Executive Officer of Epilepsy Foundation of Florida
Emfit is proud to support the Joshua David Chapnick Epilepsy & Seizure Disorder Fund in its provision of financial assistance to Epilepsy patients for their medical services, prescription medication and transportation expenses. It is an honor to partner with an organization that responds so well to needs of the Epilepsy community that are oftentimes overlooked. Emfit is a world-leading manufacturer of movement activity sensors that include the Emfit Movement Monitor. It is our mission to ensure the highest level of safety for your loved ones and, through the placement of these monitoring systems, bring peace back to families affected by seizure disorders.
Pekka Rintala, Emfit Corp, USA
Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Sarasota-Manatee, Inc. (“JFCS”) provides comprehensive counseling and social services to those confronting life’s challenges.  JFCS is pleased to be partnering with JoshProvides to expand the range of programs and services to people living with epilepsy and seizure disorders and their families.  Through our Building Strong Families Program (BSF), food pantry and emergency assistance program, JFCS will be able to provide additional local community resources to individuals and families served by JoshProvides.
Rose Chapman, LCSW, President/CEO, JFCS
I am the owner of Sirard’s Chocolate Cafe and had the opportunity to be the restaurant for a special Valentine’s Day Dinner to raise funds for JoshProvides Epilepsy Endowment Fund (“JP Fund”).  Prior to the Dinner, I had an opportunity to peruse http://www.joshprovides.org/ to learn about Josh Chapnick.  I truly related to Josh as a chef and identified with the challenges he fought so hard to overcome.  As a result, I wanted to make this a special evening in Josh’s memory and for the JP Fund.  Once you read the Mission of JoshProvides you cannot help but want to help raise awareness for all the good things done and to be done by JoshProvides for people living with epilepsy and to raise funds for the JP Fund. Before that evening, I had not met the Chapnick family nor Josh.  He is truly an inspiration to all chefs.  I am extremely proud to have helped JoshProvides as every time I speak with the Chapnick’s they tell me that the Dinner was over the top.  If you have not perused the JoshProvides website, please take the time to do so and join me in supporting the JP Fund.
Chef Carol Sirard
Smart Monitor is proud to be a sponsor of the JoshProvides Epilepsy Endowment Fund. We wholeheartedly join you in your work to “promote normal lives for people with seizures..”. Our SmartWatch® provides privacy and autonomy for people prone to seizures and peace of mind for family members concerned about the safety of their loved ones. Smart Monitor’s mission is to enable people with chronic conditions to live independently and safely as they go about their normal activities in their homes, schools, workplaces and elsewhere. We wish you the very best and are proud to be your partner in this journey.
Anoo Nathan